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  • I am kind of short on money so i decide to make the first set of sweet critter stickers!
  • I also made the original sweet critter drawing and pastel James drawing available as posters!
  • If there is any other drawing you guys want me to make available as a poster just message me on tumblr or twitter and I will see if can do that.
  • Thank you if you do buy any of these because it would really help me out <3

"It’s really natural, look it up." x

-So you’re Snow White?

-Yes! Or… or no, which one gets me blown up?


AU in which after escaping the Rook Islands, Jason leaves for the Himalayas to find inner peace/get away from it all/learn how to meditate from buddhist monks etc., only to end up in Kyrat



amazing how he died twice 3 times this year

EDIT: okay ive added the kootra green death thanks to all the people mentioning it in their tags c:

that’s pretty mlg, dude. this side blog has been transformed into a main blog and is now going pro. for more proness, be sure you’re following team seatra. #seatragp2k14

@Mamasp00n: I want a happy meal #toiletthoughts